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"Sharon worked for me as a contract UI/UX person. Sharon's insights and depth of experience helped us come up with an efficient, good looking UI which enabled us to deliver a market beating solution with our product. She was a delight to work with and was a consummate professional, both within the team and when working with our customers to develop personas."

Mark Shane, VP of Technology and Development



Sharon served as the UX designer for our development team and was responsible for defining the user experience and the UI design for all our software products.  She provided significant input into updating our development process toward a greater focus on usability and intuitive design, as well as a more agile approach to development and project delivery.  Her designs and product specifications combined a high level of creativity and intuitiveness with a focus on the user, and she was instrumental in the delivery of multiple well-received product upgrades and new product releases.  Sharon has a mastery of UX and UI design principles, an ability to understand how best to address the needs of the user and is cognizant of industry trends and best practices when building designs. She joined our team as we moved to a more frequent release cadence and to supporting mobile applications, and Sharon’s work as the UX lead and her collaborative nature helped us succeed in both regards.  We were lucky to have her on our team.

Neil Letendre, Supervisor, Tekscan, Inc.


McRae Communications

"We needed someone to do some iconic illustrations for an ad campaign when I contacted Sharon. Of course the deadline was tight but she stepped up and completed the art in less than a week. I was extremely happy to have the project expedited with only minor tweeks to the first round of proofs. Within hours, the finals were ready and I was able to keep my timeline intact."

Sean Burnley, Senior Designer, McRae Communication

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