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case studY: Mobile retail app


Mega shop

by Creative Channel

Product Description

iPhone application for buying different types of items. Users can buy via the app, using credits accrued when the user finds mispriced products in the stores. This drives traffic to subscribing stores as well as letting them buy items via the app. 



  • Offer users an easy way to shop, compare products and securely purchase using the app.

  • Drive customers to the stores where they accrue points if they find items that are priced differently from the app using the bar scan or camera.

  • Accrued points can be redeemed to the purchase price of items on the app.

  • Users can browse by product type or store (favorite stores can be saved). They can search by keywords or SKU numbers.

  • Users can compare items to aide in selecting the best one for their needs. 


  • Wireframes

  • Navigational flows

  • High-fidelity mockup


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